8 Living Room Makeover Ideas You'll Love

March 10, 2024

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On average, Americans spend four hours and 17 minutes in their living rooms every day. It's hardly surprising that after years of staring at those four walls, you might be ready for a change.

A living room makeover can make a huge difference to the way you feel about your home. Some new furniture and imaginative decor ideas could transform it into a place you can't wait to get home to. Plus, a designer living room is somewhere you'll want to invite people over to.

Let's take a look at eight living room makeover ideas to re-energize your space.

1. Contrasting Colors

It can feel like decorating ideas over the last ten years have featured a lot of neutral colors. Light greys, pale fawn, and comforting creams have their place. But sometimes, it's good to inject some bold tones into your living space.

On-trend color combos include:

  • Dark blues and mustard yellow
  • Varying shades of green
  • Black tones paired with creams

Refreshing your paintwork is also a great way to introduce a pop of color without breaking the bank.

2. Rustic Chic

Celebrate our nation's history with a living room makeover that pays homage to the days of cowboys and saloons with an unmistakably modern twist.

Start with high end Western furniture to serve as anchor pieces. This could include:

  • Sumptuous leather recliners
  • Cowhide ottomans
  • Ranch-style coffee tables

Once these pieces are in place, move on to rugs and soft furnishings. Warm colors, suede, and more leather can be tastefully used to soften bold statement pieces.

3. Bigger, Bolder Bookshelves

Most of us struggle for storage space. Treasured heirlooms and keepsakes are stored away, never seeing the light of day.

This is just one reason why floor-to-ceiling shelving works. When you dedicate a wall to storage, you can show off what you have without falling victim to clutter.

Books, vases, dishes, and more look terrific stored on open shelving. Consider including a statement mirror as the focal point and incorporating striking pieces of art.

Hacking a few bookcases from a certain Swedish furniture store is unlikely to give you the look you want. Instead, work with a contractor or dust off your tools to create sturdy shelving that fits the space perfectly. A bold accent color completes the look.

4. Invest in New Furniture

Custom furniture is a great opportunity to create a designer living room exactly the way you want it. However, it doesn't have to mean having everything match.

Contrasting styles of furniture and fabrics can give your living room an eclectic vibe. Yet, ordering custom means you'll get furniture that perfectly complements your space and style.

If the thought of buying a whole load of new furniture is overwhelming or out of budget, consider getting just one signature piece. A sofa or armchair is a great place to start.

Explore living room makeover ideas that will revitalize your space, starting with investing in new furniture. Consider adding a touch of luxury and relaxation with massage chairs Edmonton to elevate your living room experience.

Current trends include low-profile couches with oversized cushions. They beckon you in and envelope you in a warm embrace. Who wouldn't want that after a long day?

5. Home Bar, Anyone?

If you've got a suitable nook or corner, a home bar could be the way to go. Why not install a few built-in cabinets to conceal a mini-fridge and glasses?

A bar area is a great place to express your individual style. You could get decor ideas from sources as diverse as tiki bars and gentlemen's clubs. Make it a celebration of your favorite vacation spot.

Whatever design you choose, a home bar is a great talking point when guests come over. Plus, it's the perfect place to prepare a refreshing beverage after a long day at work.

6. Make Your Fireplace a Feature

If you live in colder climes, there's nothing like snuggling up in front of a roaring fire. But if your fireplace is letting the side down, it can lose some of its appeal.

Current trends are all about warm, natural tones and traditional materials used imaginatively. Wood slats laid vertically can make a great backdrop, completely concealing an out-of-date brick fireplace.

Or what about amping up the country look with a stone surround? Done right, this can really connect your living room with the local landscape.

Finally, swapping dated tiles for something more modern can make a huge difference at a low cost. Tile is a great medium with a huge range of styles available. You can even get creative and order personalized or bespoke designs from online retailers.

7. Take the Focus Away From the TV

While TVs are not the focus they used to be in living rooms, they can still dominate. Rather than devoting an entire wall to the TV alone, why not make it a small part of the decor?

A craft idea is to conceal it by setting it against a dark background. This can help absorb the TV, making it less of a feature. Dark greys and blacks are great choices.

Another solution is to build shelving around the TV. Framing it with books and other decorative pieces can stop it from being the dominant feature of the wall.

Oversized art around the TV can also help. This way, the TV almost blends in as just another work of art!

8. Celebrate Contrasts

We need soft materials to make our living rooms liveable. Soft furnishings with comfortable curves are warm and inviting, but they're begging for contrasting hard surfaces to make them pop.

So pair hard tile floors with soft, sumptuous sofas. Contrast comfortable recliners with a chunky wooden side table.

Contrasting can continue with lines and curves. Incorporating contrasting shapes can prevent the room from looking flat or one note.

Finally, don't be afraid to contrast eras. Can mid-century design sit well with Victoriana? Sure it can, if it's done right.

And if your home is fortunate enough to boast period features, simple, modern furniture may be just what it needs to make them sing.

Plan Your Living Room Makeover Today

A living room makeover can be as simple or elaborate as you like. Whether you go for a designer living room or a few budget tweaks, it can transform your living room into a space you'll never want to leave.

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