7 Top Healthcare Software For All Care Facilities In 2023

November 17, 2023

Healthcare software is a digital medical solution that simplifies numerous medical practice and admin mundane tasks. Clinicians can digitally record routine check-ups with healthcare software. Healthcare software lets them add patients' test results and appointments to their profiles. They can obtain data with a click.

Many healthcare software solutions are cloud-based. Data storage is protected with backup and security requirements.

Patients gain as much as clinicians from healthcare software. They receive optimal treatment. Waiting lists are unnecessary. They can schedule appointments, obtain e-prescriptions, and contact doctors online. Thus, healthcare software optimizes practitioner clinical efficacy and patient care.

Here are the seven top healthcare software in 2023 for starters. Okay, let's begin with the first solution on our list.

eClinicalWorks EMR

eClinicalWorks EMR is a solid choice for general medical facilities. It provides revenue cycle management and telemedicine services in addition to its highly effective and cutting-edge medical tools. In the same way, it improves how well it works for payments and other administrative tasks. Telehealth, which allows doctors to give care from a distance, expands the possibilities for healthcare facilities.

In addition, it has no trouble with patient registries, reports, or analytics for managing a large population. Its scope of usefulness is broadened by the integrations it offers. Providers benefit from the integration of third-party solutions into eClinicalWorks EMR.


  • The ease of use and adaptability of their features make them ideal for usage in various healthcare settings.
  • Its digital documentation, storage, and data entry technologies lighten the load of administrative tasks.
  • It offers many third-party integration choices for all-in-one efficacy.


  • Medical professionals initially need to invest time into learning its detailed characteristics.


The monthly cost of eClinicalWorks EMR is between $599 and $699. Contact a provider for a precise estimate.


FreeMED is an established open-source electronic medical record system. It's a service that streamlines the workflow of medical professionals by facilitating the use of electronic health records in practices of all sizes. It's no cost to you as a physician, and it may be tailored to your specific needs.

Database tables with fields that refer to other components and patient demographics allow for the instantaneous electronic connection of all medical data groupings. In addition, the interface doesn't have to be rewritten if you want to change which modules are used to access the database's core features.


  • You may easily and quickly make it your own by customizing it since it has a wide range of customization options.
  • FreeMED is extensively utilized due to its efficient compatibility with various programs.
  • You can select a premade layout to use as a starting point, or you can design your own.


  • Its scheduling and billing features can experience performance delays.


It's cost-free to use FreeMED.

Praxis EMR

Clinicians may also find value in using Praxis EMR, another reputable healthcare system. It's a customizable, template-free solution that can be tailored to the demands of each given medical facility. The convenience of having it all stored in the cloud means that doctors can look up patient records whenever they need to.

It also provides sophisticated reporting features and a document administrator to streamline document management. It includes a two-way connection to labs, allowing for rapid processing of requests and output. It also functions appropriately with Erika v1. Electronic prescriptions can also be written using SureScripts or HL7.


  • Its intelligent clinical advisory systems can provide immediate medical advice and prescribe treatments.
  • Easy-to-understand diagrams and tools make navigating simple.
  • Systems hosted in the cloud and on-premises are equally effective.


  • Its extensive features can be overwhelming for first-time users.


For pricing, contact a vendor.

Aprima EHR

Aprima EHR is a robust healthcare software that provides cohesive medical practice management tools. The extensive array of clinical and administrative functionalities it provides serves as a support for its adaptability. A quick, adaptable, and potent health records system is also provided to enhance and optimize clinical operations.

It has a patient portal and a smartphone application in addition to a telemedicine system. Aprima EHR is well-known not only for its EHR capabilities but also for the superiority of its RCM system. Benefits of unified care include enhanced coordination among the many members of the care team.


  • Doctors and patients alike may benefit from its advantages.
  • Data mapping can be performed simultaneously on several files.
  • Comparatively, its mobile app is far more efficient.


  • Its updates can take longer than expected, making its performance run slower.


Aprima EHR pricing starts at $99.


The primary focus of PrognoCIS EMR is the management of health services in clinics. PrognoCIS EMR simplifies most healthcare administration tasks, including billing, prescriptions, practice management, and RCM. Furthermore, administrative procedures are sped up thanks to document digitization. It ensures the reliability of all data by coordinating labs and setting up schedules.

Moreover, the interface can be tailored to different clinical applications. It is a safe choice because it follows federal privacy laws like HIPAA. Its electronic prescriptions, telefaxes, and telehealth offer practical solutions for providing healthcare over long distances.


  • It efficiently tracks prescriptions, medical records, and finances.
  • High-quality results can be guaranteed by allowing for process adjustments.
  • Healthcare facilities can integrate it with other platforms to boost teamwork and productivity.


  • Some services, including updating your digital record file to reflect a payment, may require some time.


The price quote of PrognoCIS EMR is available from a vendor.

Netsmart EHR

Netsmart EHR provides workflows and capabilities tailored specifically for different healthcare organizations, enabling more accurate tracking of services and more precise result measurement. In addition, it facilitates enhanced communication throughout the healthcare system. It provides solutions and services that render person-centered healthcare feasible, as well as assist providers in navigating shifting value-based care models.

Additionally, it enables healthcare facilities to record patient care at all times, regardless of whether or not they have access to the Internet. Additionally, its comprehensive interface overcomes any inefficiencies in information and offers improved connections to remove manual operations in healthcare spaces. Overall, it is designed for deployment in general medical settings (hospitals and clinics) as well as specialized medical wards.


  • It streamlines clinical operations, quickens documentation, and promotes IDG collaboration for individualized, quality care.
  • Its services are designed to make it easy for doctors to share and collect patient data.
  • Important regulatory standards, such as HIPAA compliance, are met.


  • Its reviews suggest that it is better suited for larger care settings.


The starting price of Netsmart EHR is $500 per month.

Centricity EMR

Centricity EMR is another comprehensive practice management solution that also handles clinical administration. Its digitizing medical information has multiple benefits for doctors and nurses, including increased efficiency and convenience.

Centricity offers many helpful services, including e-prescribing, patient records management, payment, and patient registration. In addition, it may provide reports in several forms to meet the demands of different patients. It also provides a comprehensive view of the patient's information across all relevant care locations.


  • Appointment confirmations, rescheduling, and delays are all made easier for patients with its management tools.
  • Formulary administration, allergy alerts, and instantaneous drug interaction monitoring are just a few of its cutting-edge features.
  • Numerous clinical, billing, and managerial tasks can be performed with the help of its premade layouts and patient charts.


  • Sometimes, updates are inconvenient as they slow down the performance.


Only vendors disclose Centricity EMR prices. So, contact a market vendor.


In today's modern hospitals and clinics, healthcare software applications are a must for optimized clinical efficacy. It improves their medical efficiency and gives patients more satisfying treatment. A variety of services, including scheduling, reporting, and payment, help to speed up its outputs. Choose a healthcare software by starting with our recommendations. In terms of medical software, these seven alternatives particularly stand out.


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