7 Creative Ways To Use Windows Hello For Business

August 4, 2023

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Multi-factor authentication has become the norm for ensuring secure access to applications and systems. Even many businesses still rely solely on usernames and passwords to protect their operations.

The downside of using passwords is that strong passwords can be hard to remember. On the other hand, easy-to-crack passwords risk the organization's security. In fact, poor passwords cause 81% of business data breaches.

So how can you protect your organization from password-related nightmares besides educating your employees?

This article discusses seven ways you can use this tool to upgrade security and streamline your business operations. But before that, let's understand what Window Hello for Business is.

Windows Hello for Business - What Is It?

Windows Hello for Business is a robust authentication system that authorizes access to business devices using physical features through face recognition, fingerprints, or pin without a password.

It's an alternative sign-in technique to critical devices, networks, and apps in an organization that is more reliable, secure, and user-friendly than the traditional password.

Windows Hello for Business is an excellent deployment option for cloud-based and on-premise businesses. For cloud-based companies, you can use the tool alongside Hybrid Azure Active Directory-Joined, Azure AD registered devices, or Azure Active Directory-Joined.

7 Ways to Use Windows Hello for Business

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1. Go Passwordless

Data breaches and cyber security attacks ranging from credential stuffing, brute force attacks, and social engineering attacks have become a common problem these days. Certainly, mismanaged business passwords are the leading cause of cybercriminal threats.

Besides, passwords are just a combination of letters, characters, and numbers, meaning they can easily be forgotten and deny you access to your business systems.

You can eliminate password use and upgrade your security with Windows Hello for Business. It features biometric features such as iris scan, fingerprint, and face recognition that allow accessibility to data systems to registered users only. This way, you can reduce the risks of credential-based attacks and enhance security.

2. Incorporate Single Sign On ( SSO)

Single sign-on (SSO) is the trending reality in the corporate world. However, its benefits are often overlooked. Even as businesses continue to employ third-party and cloud services, customer satisfaction and business efficiency shouldn't be compromised. And that's where SSO comes in.

SSO is a technology that enables signing in to different resources and apps in an organization using the same credentials more conveniently and securely. With its incorporation in Windows Hello for Business, users no longer have to remember complex details to run operations.

They can automatically access authorized applications without entering separate usernames and passwords. Ultimately, this improves productivity and reduces the burden of password management.

3. Enhance Two-Factor Authentification

Two-factor authentication could save you from account and password-related security threats in your operations. As one of multi-factor authentification, 2FA protects organizations from credential exploitation, phishing, and brute-force attack. Essentially, it requires two sign-in methods to verify identity and allow access to data systems.

A good combination is made of something the user already knows, such as a password and their identity, typically the biometric element by Windows Hello for Business. This provides an extra layer of security and mitigates the risk of unauthorized access.

4. Enhance Secure Remote Access

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A report by Malwarebytes Labs shows that 20% of corporates who work with remote workforce experienced more breaches resulting in unexpected costs to resolve any malware attack or breach. Thus, while organizations are shifting to operate remotely, it's vital to employ efficient remote access methods such as VPNs, SSL, IPsec, NAC, and SSH to promote security and increase revenue baseline.

Luckily, these methods can be integrated with Windows Hello for Business and provide more secure authentication for remote users. Ultimately, this will restrict sensitive data from landing outside the corporate network.

5. Propel Data Encryption

Another notable way to use Windows Hello for Business is by interlinking its functionalities with encryption technologies. It is an effective data encryption solution that integrates with data encryption algorithms to enhance data security while monitoring the data encryption process in an organization.


In addition, Windows Hello for Business acts as a key management system for passwords, keys, and other encryption data, ensuring they are accessed by authorized users only and can be changed based on policies.

6. Secure Document Signing

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As remote work and digital transformation dominate the corporate world, individuals, organizations, and teams increasingly adopt digital document signing. This has reduced the over-reliance on manual signatures, often requiring more legal regulation compliance. Even so, there's a need to use Windows Hello for Business for biometric authentication when signing documents online to ensure the utmost integrity and authenticity.

7. Time and Attendance Tracking

By Integrating Windows Hello for Business with the attendance management system, you can swiftly monitor day-to-day processes in the organization. This way, you'll reduce fraudulent practices and employee absenteeism and streamline your payroll processes.


Windows Hello for Business catalyzes the transformative change you've sought. If you embrace its diversity and practice the abovementioned ways, you can significantly enhance your organization's security and productivity, thus upping your profit baseline.

However, seek expert guidance to secure a Windows Hello for Business tailored to your organization's preferences for better results.



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