4 Your Eyez Only J Cole Meaning Album Review

March 4, 2023

4 your eyez only j cole meaning

Whether you love him or hate him, you have to admit that 4 your eyez only j cole meaning is a very powerful album. It speaks to the plight of black people in this country and explains how they have to change their ways of life.

It is not a classic, but it is a great work and one that deserves to be heard by many. It is important for major label artists to speak out about these issues and try to get them addressed in a positive way.

The album opens with "Ville Mentality," a Pharrell-like track that is filled with sombre, bruised lamentations about society's expectations of a black man, and then Cole talks to a child who has lost their father. He explains how a parent's death can affect the rest of their family, which can be difficult to explain for a child who is so young.

"Immortal," another song on the album, is similar to "Ville Mentality" in that it addresses a situation where society has made a black person feel they can't move forward in their lives. It is an attempt to break down that barrier, and to make a black person see their potential in a different light.

This is the second time Cole has spoken about this on an album and he is trying to make sure that this message is heard by the public. It is a very good idea for him to do this, as he is a very talented rapper and this message can help the world if it is spoken out.


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