3 Signs It's Time To Replace Your Strapless Bra

November 16, 2023

Every woman knows how hard and frustrating it is to find that perfect bra. Once you find one, you usually stock up with a couple. Unfortunately, as with all good things, bras wear down, even the best strapless bra doesn't stand a chance against time.

That said, most women will hang on to their favorite strapless bra for dear life, keeping it well past its prime. How do you know when it's time to let go, when it's time to ditch the bra for a new model?

The Band Is Sliding Down

Bras have one job and that's to support the girls. If a bra cannot keep everything in its place, what purpose does it serve?

If the band of your strapless bra keeps slipping or sliding down, it's time to replace it. Over time, the band can stretch and warp, meaning it no longer has the grip or elastic strength it once did. The looser the bra is, the more support you will lose.

A loose band can also stem from purchasing a bra that is too big. You always want to review the cup size chart to ensure you buy the right size bra for your body type.

Cups Lack Support

Of all the bra problems, cups create a number of them. From shape and cut to stretch and form, cups can lose support in many ways.

The age of the bra is usually the main reason for cups lacking support, especially in stretch cup bras. Over time, the elastic in the cups can stretch and lose shape.

Another reason for gapping or cup support changes is a change in your body. As women age, their bodies change, including the shape of the breasts. Also, if you lose or gain weight, it can affect the fit of the cups.

Regardless of the reason, bras must support the breasts. If the cups are no longer supporting your breasts, it is time to replace the bra.

The Underwire Is Bent or Poking Through

Bras are delicate pieces of lingerie. If your bra has an underwire for additional support, it can bend and even break under the right conditions.

Machine washing and drying your bra can cause the underwire to bend or break. Many brands recommend hand-washing bras only.

A bent underwire is uncomfortable and hinders the support of the bra. Also, a bent underwire is only a few minor adjustments away from a broken underwire that pokes through the fabric.

To avoid discomfort and potential injury, replace worn bras with misshaped or broken underwires. Your bra should be comfortable and supportive not bent and pokey.

A bra's most important job is not to look attractive; it is to provide dependable support. When a bra no longer offers support, it is time to throw it away and go shopping.

While bra shopping is not the most fun experience, it is necessary. To make the task a little more fun and a little less stressful, you can consult a retailer that knows what they're talking about. Shop at a lingerie or specialty retailer for superior help and advice.

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