2HYPE Net Worth

March 13, 2023

2HYPE Net Worth

The group of YouTubers known as 2hype consists of six members: ZackTTG, Jiedel, CashNasty, Mopi, Kristopher London, and Jesser The Lazer. They create content on their YouTube channel that involves NBA 2K gaming and other gaming-related challenges.

They earn money through their YouTube channel and other social media accounts as well. They also have partnerships with companies and brand sponsors.

Their net worth may be close to $100 million according to estimates. However, they have a lot of liabilities like credit card debts, student loans, mortgages, auto loans and other financial obligations.

Liabilities are a big drain on their net worth. But the group has a strategy to get rid of them.

The group has invested in Real Estate. They have a 9,713 square foot house that they rent out to aspiring YouTubers and other entertainers.

Their net worth is largely from their investment. They have also earned a lot of revenue from their videos, ads and merch campaigns.

In 2020, the group launched their lifestyle brand Full Send, which was on track to hit $70 million in revenue that year. They also own several other brands that they run, including a clothing line and a food company.

Moreover, they have a huge number of followers on their YouTube channel.

The group has a large following, thanks to their unique content that they create. They make a lot of fun videos and engage their fans through raging and laughter.


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