10 Tips for Getting Your Tracks Featured on SoundCloud for Greater Exposure

October 5, 2023

Every person has a favored music genre, band, song, or at least a verse that resonates with them. Music inspires, evokes emotions, helps navigate life's challenges, and brings joy. Given its influence, numerous websites have emerged to showcase artists and discover new talents, with SoundCloud being a notable platform.

However, due to its popularity, finding a surefire way to increase SoundCloud plays has become more challenging. SoundCloud is a big online music community, altering our perspective on digital distribution and offering independent artists a platform for self-promotion. Additionally, SoundCloud provides various tools that, when utilized effectively, can amplify your project. Soundcloud has important advantages:

  • It is free and available worldwide. Therefore, it can be used by teenagers and older people.
  • SoundCloud has a cool recommendation algorithm. Which is only slightly inferior to Spotify.
  • There is a lot of music on SoundCloud from indie labels and independent artists. Since commercial labels don't receive royalties from Soundcloud plays, artists don't have to compete with mainstream stars.
  • New artists can get hundreds of monthly plays on SoundCloud and grow their audience for free.

Here are ten tips for improving your SoundCloud profile.

Photo by Viralyft on Unsplash

Initial Publication is Only the Beginning

Releasing your track is a milestone, but it's the starting point. Initial success is rewarding, but ongoing refinement based on feedback is essential. Avoid deleting tracks to retain valuable comments. Of course, being present on the platform is not enough. You need to use it to their full potential. Think of tools and places where you can interact with your community, not as places for promotion or free sales. Your audience will undoubtedly be more interested in your story, your anecdotes and your universe than in your merchandising discount formulas.

Bright Profile Header

First impressions are essential. Dedicate time to designing an attractive header image representing you and your music. Highlight your name for brand recognition and establish a memorable SoundCloud profile.


Effective tagging is important for discoverability. It facilitates listeners in finding your music on SoundCloud. The more accurate and descriptive your tags, the easier your music is to discover. Accurate genre tagging, mood, and location can enhance discoverability. Stick to one main genre for simplicity. Over-tagging doesn't increase discoverability. Precision in tagging ensures your music reaches the right audience.

Be truthful in your tags. If your track is "Drum & Bass", tag it accordingly. Experimenting with tags of similar artists or songs can expand your audience. Describing the song's mood, commonly used in social media posts, is a simple yet effective strategy.

Covers are still Important

Covers are important, especially on SoundCloud. Your album or track cover represents your music, no matter where it's played. When your track appears on a blog, you'll see the cover first. If you share your track on Facebook, the cover is included. So it's pretty damn important!

Before someone presses play, your cover needs to stand out. So use this aspect and choose something that represents you and your music. JPG or PNG files of at least 800 x 800 pixels are best. Covers are a good reason to invest a little money in your project. If you can't do it yourself, hire a designer or photographer who fits your budget.

Share it on Social Media

It's great to share your new tracks with the SoundCloud community. But why not go one step further? Share your tracks on all your promo platforms, like Facebook and Twitter. Once you've uploaded the track, share it on all platforms under the "Share" tab. You can also automatically display your tracks on all platforms by connecting your accounts. Check your account settings to manage your connections.

Sharing private links for your tracks is another trick you can opt for to gain greater visibility. It's a highly effective communication strategy. You can send unfinished tracks to your collaborators, demos to your labels or blogs, and even exchange ideas with other organizations in this way. On SoundCloud, it's super easy to do.

You need to upload your track and set it to private mode. Then save it and go to your profile. Now click on the track you want to share privately and press the 'Share' button underneath. You'll get a private URL. All that's left to do is send it, and you're done. Give your music a personal and exclusive touch by sharing it in private mode.

Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ can be connected for automatic posting. Connect your accounts to reach the ears of as many people as possible!

Contacting Influencers

One way to quickly gain listeners and followers is to contact influencers and music blogs in your musical style directly. Admittedly, plenty of these are out there, but that doesn't mean it's all fun and games. Only a small percentage of requests result in them being put forward. Such is the demand for these people.

So, to make sure you have every chance on your side before and during the contact, here are a few tips to bear in mind:

  • Put yourself in the shoes of the person you are contacting. Even if you aim to gain visibility, you must temporarily forget this and empathize with your contact. They want to know what they can gain from sharing your music or Soundcloud profile. What returns can they expect? Will it help them achieve their own goal?
  • Be modest. If your music is good, people will tell you so. There's no need to give a biased opinion about your music, as it's bound to be clumsy and sometimes... far from the truth.
  • Send finished tracks. No matter how talented you are, if the recording, mixing and mastering aren't up to scratch, you're wasting your time, and you'll be wasting the other person's time. Try again when you're ready.

Try your luck. You're bound to be turned down, but nothing ventured, nothing gained. Sometimes, all it takes is an article or a repost to create the momentum needed to get an artist off the ground. Build your network by starting with small, less demanding partners. From there, you can progress.

Interacting with Others

Almost everyone has a profile on social networks, and we all know that if someone wants to increase the number of subscribers, they ask the subscribers they already have to like, comment and share their publication. The same is true if we want to promote our music on SoundCloud.

Interacting with other people on the platform is crucial because they can help us a lot, and at the same time, we help them. Still trying to figure out how? Once we've commented on sharing someone else's music, chances are they'll check out our music and share it if they like it. Of course, this doesn't mean we only need to write compliments since every artist likes to receive constructive criticism, and we should only share content we like.

Become a Group Member

Being part of the group is very important because we can communicate with people with similar interests. Firstly, joining genre boards helps you find people who like your music. We can ask them to review our music and ask them for advice. In the end, we may have new friends who will be happy to build our musical career with us, and this could be the start of a beautiful collaboration.

Building a community is always great, and it means that at least the band members will check out our music, and if they like it, they'll probably become our biggest supporters.

Analyzing Data and Metrics

To evaluate and enhance the effectiveness of a current marketing strategy, it is essential to have access to pertinent data and metrics. Utilizing data freely limits your accessibility to such vital information, necessitating a subscription to the Pro plan. Subscribing to this plan unlocks access to in-depth audience insights, including the geographic locations contributing to most of your plays and the users most engaged with your music.

Check your Demographics

Understand how your music is performing using SoundCloud analytics. You can see important data about the people (demographics) listening to your music. This information helps you optimize your campaigns and get closer to your listeners. To arouse emotions, bounce off the news that directly affects your fan. This approach will make them want to react. You'll be surfing on an existing buzz by broadcasting a headline whose subject is close to your fans' passion. Carefully study your SoundCloud audience and understand their preferences and interests. This will help you create content that attracts more listeners and increase your earnings from monetising your tracks.

Therefore, you need to identify the subjects relevant to your target audience. While some artists highly regard divisive social issues, others prefer to anticipate large-scale events. It's up to you to judge the relevance of your stance through a publication or clip.

What's more, whatever your budget, you need to make the best use of the medium. It should not be an obstacle to your inventiveness and creativity.

Summing Up

By Pexels

These 10 tips should be handy, as they're relatively easy to execute and, more importantly, will do wonders for audience and popularity. Creating music is the most important thing for most new musicians, but it all feels so much better when you know your song has made someone happy or had them singing along all day.

In fact, it has an advanced option that lets you change a track without losing your likes, listens and feedback. All you have to do is load the new version. The old track will then be automatically replaced by the new one. So what are you waiting for to adopt this trick? As well as preserving your statistics, it's sure to help you increase them.

SoundCloud is unique in the world of social media and streaming music. You can follow bands and musicians on a social network; the platform's core is music downloading. This duality has become quite popular, especially when you add the free join angle. SoundCloud is a tool, and you need to use everything it offers. So why not use it to grow your audience? Because you never know who will end up listening to the tunes of your song, and who knows, you could be the next big thing in the music world.


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